Photo: Reverie Photography

Photo: Reverie Photography

Hi, I'm Andrea.

I'm a writer, editor, stylist—and habitual daydreamer—with a decade of experience in publishing. Today I'm an editor at American Girl where I specialize in creating nonfiction content that empowers girls to explore their creative potential.

I began my journalism career during a time of significant change in media. Over the years, I've learned platforms as they've launched, evolved, and waned. I've seen magazines die—rest in peace, Blueprint—and some be reborn. From my vantage point in this ever-changing industry, I've learned adaptability along with an important truth: storytelling methods come and go, but stories last. My belief in the power of words and images continues to guide the content I create each day, however and wherever that may be. 

When I'm not creating for work, I'm often creating for fun. My favorite part of the process is developing the potential of raw materials, whether that's a fresh idea, a rough draft, or more tactile supplies—glue, paper, cookie dough. In my free time I write fiction and essays, experiment in the kitchen, and paint when the mood strikes me. But most of the time, you'll probably find me doing one of two things: exploring the outdoors or reading a book. (See photos of my outdoor explorations on Instagram and my current reads on Goodreads and Pinterest.) Want to get in touch? Drop me a line at

"To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work."

—Mary Oliver